Friday, April 15, 2005

BSNL Broadband UT 300 R modem configuration

Hi, in this blog i have provided as much details as possible for the modem configuration. Use this info with your own risk. Dont blame me if something wrong happens. I cant take any responsibility. Note that bsnl does not support config thru modem - correct me if i am wrong and they support windows directly, you have to hunt for linux configurations. ( do they give support?? ;-) ). However, you can drop a comment saying that it worked.

This configuration enables you to work in any distro in Linux (which can connect to a LAN and all distros do provide such facility) or say even in windows. You dont have to dial, nor install pppoe or rp-pppoe. It just works out of the box. Sriram Karra in that thread ([Ilugc] BSNL Broadband connection not working in Linux(Debian Sarge) ) @ILUGC gave most of the details, i have just ksnapshotted it. For more details about the modem, look here. the pdf is here

BTW read the blog from last to first post. I should have published the last one (this one first), made a mess (does anyone have an answer to, how to correct this mess?)

One advantage of trying this out is that if something goes wrong, just reboot using the default settings and the mess u made, if u had wrongly configured is all gone :-). (for details about how to wipe out ur mess, check out the posts below)



PMG.Pathy said...

Jus' now I joined the Bloggers' group by registering.
I have a problem.
Two days back I re-installed Windows 98 in the PC of my friend since he had some problem with the display . I re installed the latest driver for his motherboard too ( P2 processor with 810 series chipset ). The system started functioning properly but since then the BSNL Broadband connection could not be accessed. They are getting the Error message "Error 633... The Modem is not connected properly .... bla .. bla... bla...."
The matter was reported to BSNL but they have said everything is hunky dory with their exchange.
So I happened to see your blog report through Google Search but unfortunately, the step by step procedure for configuring their UT-300R Modem of UT Starcom could not be accessed as you have promised. Where is it? Can you favour me with a reply and send me the step by step procedure for the configuring / trouble shooting et al.?
My e mail ID is :
Why don't you oblige me and make me get my peace of mind?
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
P.M.ganapathy Subramanyam

Anonymous said...

Hi Varun,

This is Tarun from Hyd. Read ur blog and must say its reallu informative. Ive just got a new UT300RA modem. There is a strange problem im facing. When i open the config software through the browser i just get the menus and upon clicking the menus nothing happens!!! just can figure it out. and because of this im unable to "commit & reboot" hence my setting are lost. I would really appreciate if u could mail me at
Thanks a ton

Anonymous said...

hello sir iam sivakumar

can u tell me how do i configure wifi with utstar 300r with netgear ?


Narendra Chowdary said...

hi varu
i am using media center , now first time i am using linux , i installed linux for learning and it has got more security. but i didnt know how to use linux, i am having bsnl broadband connection . i need to configure my router (UT-300R2U) .
so please help me in configure
my friends is helping me , we tried to configure in federo 6, mandriva 2007 , ubuntu 6.10
so please give me details to config the router or modem and
suggest me which linux is better amoung the three linux which i mentioned before. now at present again i installed mandriva 2007.
my id :

Anonymous said...


i am monoj plz tel how to config the pppoe in utstar-300r modem in bsnl broad band modem plz send my emil id

Rose Lover said...

Hi Varun,

I face a similar problem to what Tarun had faced...

"Ive just got a new UT300RA modem. There is a strange problem im facing. When i open the config software through the browser i just get the menus and upon clicking the menus nothing happens!!! just can figure it out. and because of this im unable to "commit & reboot" hence my setting are lost."

I would like to know if there is a shortcut to Commit and Reboot the settings that my ISP had given... I would greatky appreciate any help in this regard... I have also mailed Tarun if he solved this issue...


Please mail me at

Varun Soundararajan said...

Hi there,
it seems to be some(i don't exactly know) JavaScript +HTML combo error. I would recommend you to right click the tab link and click on "open in new window", it opens the target screen in new window, but atleast it shows what we expect it to show.

Reply back if it works.


Anonymous said...

Please give me step by step configuration for UT-300R2U. I am having BSNL home plan and want to use the connection for a PC and a Laptop from home....nothing happens when i connect my adsl modem n type in browser
my email id is

Hollywood Stars said...

Thanks a lot, we had followed the instructions given was worked for me.

Anonymous said...

hi varun i am dinesh i am using a utstar 300r modem the prob i have is i have connected the modem but i am not gettin speed the max i got till now is 50kbps i have not changed any settings on my modem and they are the default settings only please help me man

Anonymous said...

and varun my emanil id is plz reply man

Someshwar Koshti said...

dear all,

i need firmware for UT300R2

Here is the procedure to get firmware,

Can anyone using UT300R2 modem upload the firmware. You can login to
192 . 168 . 1 . 1
user: admin
pass: utstar or password
Goto Admin > Local Image Upgrade
and dump your firmware to file and send it to me on
someshwar.koshti @ gmail

Thanks in adv,



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