Thursday, August 18, 2005


If you have UTStarcom UT300R2, check this link
and yes, if it works, please provide screenshots, so that others too can configure their modems easily. We can add them here. To configure UT300R read below.

Friday, April 15, 2005

BSNL Broadband UT 300 R modem configuration

Hi, in this blog i have provided as much details as possible for the modem configuration. Use this info with your own risk. Dont blame me if something wrong happens. I cant take any responsibility. Note that bsnl does not support config thru modem - correct me if i am wrong and they support windows directly, you have to hunt for linux configurations. ( do they give support?? ;-) ). However, you can drop a comment saying that it worked.

This configuration enables you to work in any distro in Linux (which can connect to a LAN and all distros do provide such facility) or say even in windows. You dont have to dial, nor install pppoe or rp-pppoe. It just works out of the box. Sriram Karra in that thread ([Ilugc] BSNL Broadband connection not working in Linux(Debian Sarge) ) @ILUGC gave most of the details, i have just ksnapshotted it. For more details about the modem, look here. the pdf is here

BTW read the blog from last to first post. I should have published the last one (this one first), made a mess (does anyone have an answer to, how to correct this mess?)

One advantage of trying this out is that if something goes wrong, just reboot using the default settings and the mess u made, if u had wrongly configured is all gone :-). (for details about how to wipe out ur mess, check out the posts below)


Everything works well!!!

If everything works fine, you should be able to see the link up green text in WAN> PPP.

( if it says Link Down or Link Error and click that magnify glass and find the reason to be VC Error, then it means you have chosen the wrong aal5-x (choose some other that has 0 35 as its parameter or try out some other combination, 0/35 worked for me though). Posted by Hello

Commit and Reboot!!!

After all this is over, remember to commit and reboot. Just click on Commit and then select Reboot in that drop down list box and click reboot. Thats it.

What if you have messed up something?
If you want to return back to your old setting (in case something goes wrong) , its just a step away, choose reboot to default settings and and reboot that will do. It will take a min to reboot, dont worry. Posted by Hello

DNS entries

Enter the DNS server.
  • Hey dont worry if you cannot find the dns servers or is not provided by BSNL and dont try that 1600 ( i never heard any other tone other than engaged on that number, my exchange JE is nice person and is kind enough to (forward the problem to the right person and thus ) help me whenever i have problem ).
  • The easiest way is this. Login once using your standard PPPoe WAN interface and in linux use ifconfig to find the DNS servers .
  • For those unfortunate ;-) (and in windows), use ipconfig /all to find the DNS servers, write them down, and add them here. (i have intentionally not given the actual DNS values coz, if i give them, there is a good chance that the DNS server may be DOSed) Posted by Hello


In bridging, select Bridging and WAN to WAN bridging (both i guess are required -correct me if wrong). Posted by Hello

creating PPP

Next step and this is an important step.
  • Assuming this is the first time you are installing, the ppp interface is ppp0.
  • The ATM VC i used was aal5-2 (i read in ILUGC post that the interface for working with modem is 0 35 and i found aal5-2 to be 0 and 35 ).
  • make sure you enable DNS and that this is the default route (by default route it means the modem should use this connection to connect to internet).
  • forget others and remember to enter your username and password. Posted by Hello

Want a DHCP server

If you want the modem to work as a DHCP Server (a DHCP server enables the modem to dynamically assign IP to the end systems connected to the lan that exists between modem and other system(s)) , select DHCP server under DHCP mode and click submit. After everything presented here is done, dont forget to commit and reboot Posted by Hello

Login first

This is the first step, Login to your account. My modem (UT 300R) has default username(admin/utstar). Remember to change your default username and password. Posted by Hello

How to configure

with substantial inputs from ILUGC, i configured my UT 300 R modem in just a few minutes.
Here in this blog, i will put the details down with pictures.